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More than a technology park, bluefactory is now moving towards a real lively and accessible neighborhood in the heart of the City of Fribourg. Bringing up topics, linking innovators of all sort and connecting them with the outside world, this living laboratory allows the co-creation in a real place of innovation and knows how to draw new futures. In this eco-system culture becomes the perfect vector between heritage, innovation and the larger community, is a boost for hybridity, transversality and co-responsibility in the transformation towards a sustainable society, where the artistic, the social and entrepreneurship come together. 

Cultural activities

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Extended culture

Since 2022, the cultural management at bluefactory has created 3 thematic collaborative platforms. These platforms define and organize the cultural activities in the innovation district: SOIN – social innovation, CENT – cultural entrepreneurship, TEAR – technologies, art & research. 

The three platforms in line with the Culture2030 vision of the City of Fribourg connect existing and/or newly launched institutions, projects and events, form partnerships with the outside world and strengthen cooperation between all these components. 

Each platform is physically located in a building in the bluefactory neighborhood, while the activities of these platforms can also radiate. The administration is managed in parallel and each platform has independent but dynamic governance coordinated through the cultural management of BFF SA. 

This cultural integration and presence is possible thanks to annual support from the Culture Department of the City of Fribourg.



SOIN is operating in and around the HUB (NeighborHub), the community center in the middle of bluefactory. The platform combines the strengths of various actors in the field of social innovation with the supporting association Les Ami.e.s du HUB in its core. Together, we seek to imagine, develop, and test tools and projects that meet social and societal needs. The activities are intended to reinforce the notion of the neighborhood and the social fabric of the region. The offer is aimed at interested citizens, students, partner organizations by offering them a place for meetings and exchanges to create impulses, to inspire and to accommodate the citizens of the future. 


The artistic-cultural platform run by the association TEAR federates practices around experimentation in art and technologies. Aiming for mutual stimulation and transdisciplinarity, this open and shared research is addressed to a society turned towards the future. Today these projects and their practitioners are spread over the neighborhood and the city, until the transformation of the old Silo can accommodate the entire TEAR platform. The current activities anticipate this future exploitation of an emblematic building to be transformed soon, destined to become a cultural lighthouse attracting an international audience. 


The CENT platform is currently dedicated to cultural entrepreneurship with the operation of various projects such as the Espace Multiculturel, the start-up program called ‘Rampe’, the development of a fermentarium in cooperation with the Swiss Bier Museum or the transformation of the Maison du Gardien. Generally, CENT is supposed to develop hybrid and third-spaces in the neighborhood and promote the cultural strategy (culture extended), highlighting the importance and possible impacts of culture in a transforming society.

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