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Blue Hour Bluefactory by STEMUTZ, 29.03.2022

TuttiBimbi is an association in the making, with the aim of providing an inventory of partners involved in one way or another in the education and care of children.

The association aims to bring together healthcare professionals, socio-educational networks and parents around a digital platform (Instagram page) in order to offer..:

– Highlight different medical approaches in the form of interviews with professionals

– Raise awareness of associations and/or workshops and socio-cultural activities in the city of Fribourg

– Give a voice and/or space to parents who are experts on their child, in the form of testimonials

– Suggest ways of awakening children through philosophical reflections about childhood

– To make it easier to navigate the Fribourg system

– Encourage and support parents and/or professionals in making conscious choices

– To support all missions in this direction, for example in the form of a temporary educational mandate.


TuttiBimbi works for an inclusive, innovative, caring and co-constructed society.

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