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Blue Hour Bluefactory by STEMUTZ, 29.03.2022

The FERMENTARIUM is an interdisciplinary experimental space that is slowly expanding within the existing walls of the beer museum in the bluefactory neighborhood.

Fermentation – the theme and technique inherent in the brewing heritage – has experienced a huge recovery in recent years and is of interest to the most diverse sectors of society, especially in the field of innovation.

With an impulse of the cultural management of the bluefactory neighborhood, the FERMENTARIUM begins with an approach from an artistic point of view. In the entrance hall of the SwissBierMuseum, the ‘Modular structure’ of the artist couple Stirnimann/Stojanovic constitutes the basic equipment for other diverse artistic positions. Those artists are invited to experiment, whether in food fermentation or transformation in a larger sense.

Said so, the FERMENTARIUM is a supportive element for the transformation process of the former Cardinal museum, as well as the evolution of the bluefactory district and the transformation of the population looking towards the future and a sustainable society.

Above all, fermentation takes time. This is why this place will open slowly at the end of March 2023 and will be able to ferment on its own. Small interventions will follow. On weekends, the FERMENTARIUM can be visited during museum opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The FERMENTARIUM is a collaborative project between the Swiss Beer Museum and the cultural management of BFF SA, part of the CENT platform, carried out with financial support from the City of Fribourg.

Artistic positions: Chiara Bertin, Caterina Giansiracusa, Julie Folly, Lucas Monème, Ysé Avolio, Stirnimann/Stojanovic, Floriane Biner, Isabelle Detroyes, Association Charlatan and others;

Coordination: Eglantine Ponse, Loïc Blancpain and Martin Schick


28.03 ‘Make things happen’ – A human chain between Wallstreet and FERMENTARIUM with Stirnimann/Stojanovic – 19:00 RDV at Wallstreet

19.04 ‘The strength of mycelium’ – Workshop with the Charlatan association, as part of the blue march – from 13:30 to 15:00

19.04 ‘Mega Scooby’ – Immersive Installation by Julie Folly and Ysé Avolio, as part of the program ‘Artist-In-Business’, with a live performance of Alizée Quinche. “Between U and me” is a sound performance exploring the connections between the different concepts that constitute our biotechnological present and future

22.04 ‘The strength of mycelium’ – Workshop with the Charlatan association, as part of ‘Fribourg Portes Ouvertes’ – from 11:00

21-24.05 The Charlatan association invites you to explore a mushroom production site, in the frame of OPEN DAYS

13.05 Night of museums on the theme of flavors, with Fribourg Ville du Goût

Blue Hour Bluefactory by STEMUTZ, 29.03.2022

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