Software solutions leader Tecost joins digital players at bluefactory

One of the four floors of Building B is now occupied by Tecost SA, a major player in Switzerland in the creation of innovative software solutions. Their presence brings Building B occupancy to 80%, reinforcing the district’s well-established specialisation in health and high-value-added technologies.




The arrival of Tecost SA and its 70 employees in Building B is a welcome development for BFF SA. Based on values of excellence and endowed with strong team spirit, Tecost has quickly established itself in Switzerland as a major player in the creation of innovative software solutions. The strategic choice to set up at bluefactory stems from its desire to centralise its main activities on a single site in Fribourg. The company is consequently closing its branch in Le Noirmont in Switzerland, while maintaining its subsidiary in Tunisia, which employs around fifteen people.

The healthcare sector is integral to bluefactory’s positioning. By establishing itself in this innovation district, Tecost has access to an ecosystem rich in synergies and development opportunities. Its presence also reinforces BFF SA commitment to creating an environment conducive to the growth of high-value-added technology companies and promoting the emergence of innovative solutions.


Tecost SA driving progress in healthcare


Founded in 1997 by its current CEO Dr. S. Drissi, Tecost stands out for its expertise, continuous investments, and commitment to addressing the healthcare sector’s most complex challenges. Active throughout Switzerland, the multilingual company is a one-stop shop for all services in both public and private sectors. Its Carefolio software suite of clinical information systems integrates medical and care records and is aimed at different market segments: acute care hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, psychiatric hospitals, long-term care facilities and home care organisations. Tecost’s information systems for patient management within care networks offer functionalities that match the needs of each discipline while facilitating connectivity and optimising collaboration processes. Designed for network stakeholders, the Carefolio management tools are also proving valuable to public authorities for planning purposes.

Operating in a highly sensitive core business, Tecost attaches great importance to the security and confidentiality of medical and healthcare data. User focus means they can deliver customised solutions that improve process flow for professionals, reduce the burden of data entry, and increase patient safety. In addition to consulting and auditing services, Tecost is committed to providing its customers with targeted support to integrate its solutions, including managing the change they induce, and tailor-made training to optimise product use. In this way, Tecost has made a name for itself as a driver of progress in the healthcare sector’s digital transformation.


80% occupation of Building B


Building B is an interactive focal point of bluefactory’s innovation district. With Tecost and the upcoming establishment of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group, its occupancy rate now stands at 80%. As a reminder, Building B is the first permanent building on the bluefactory site, effectively doubling leasable space with its offer of offices, laboratories, and prototyping rooms. Characterised by bright and modular spaces, the construction of Building B makes intensive use of Fribourg timber (approx. 2,000 m3) optimising embodied energy and minimising CO2 emissions. The installation of a solar roof also contributes to meeting the challenges of a low-carbon district.


About BFF SA

Founded in 2014, BFF SA aims to develop, build, operate, promote, and animate the bluefactory low-carbon innovation district. The site is now home to 540 people (700 with the arrival of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group this summer) working in around seventy entities (SMEs, start-ups, university research institutes, and innovation actors). It actively promotes the principles of sustainable development as well as those of the circular economy.

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