Energy project

The Energy Strategy 2050 implies profound changes with, notably, the progressive exit from fossil fuels. To meet environmental challenges, efficient and sustainable energy solutions will be implemented at the bluefactory site, making it possible to be ahead of energy policy objectives.

BFF SA is resolutely turned towards the future and aims to make its site an energy gold standard. In collaboration with Groupe E, it is setting up an ambitious project with a systemic approach based on multiple energy sources, pooled needs, and centralised production.

At the bluefactory site, Groupe E is to implement an energy concept based on the principle of heat exchange at low temperatures. Thermal energy is to be drawn directly from soil and from the spring of Les Pilettes. It will also allow the recovery of thermal waste from companies present on the site using centralised heat pumps. In this way, buildings will be supplied with heating and cooling throughout the year. The proposed solution will also access Fribourg district heating present near the site to cover peak consumption. Photovoltaic panels will provide electrical energy essential for operating the overall system and cover part of everyday electricity requirements.

With this concept, Groupe E makes a key contribution to the energy development of the bluefactory site and to energy transition, thanks to a global approach that incorporates different sources of renewable and locally available energy.

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