Mirjam Ballmer elected to BFF SA’s Board of Directors

Municipal Councillor Mirjam Ballmer was elected to BFF SA’s Board of Directors at the company’s Ordinary General Assembly. Representing the shareholder City of Fribourg, she replaces Thierry Steiert who held the position for the past six years.

Board of Directors


Meeting at the Ordinary General Assembly, BFF SA’s members elected Municipal Councillor Mirjam Ballmer to represent the shareholder City of Fribourg on the Board of Directors of the company that manages the bluefactory site. Jacques Boschung, Chairman of BFF SA, is delighted with her appointment. “Mirjam Ballmer is well versed in the activities of a Board of Directors and will play an important role, particularly in the development of our innovation district in the heart of an urban community. Through her career and the values she defends, she is familiar with the low-carbon and circular economy approaches we adopt on the bluefactory site.”


Mirjam Ballmer succeeds Thierry Steiert who has come to the end of his second three-year term on BFF SA’s Board of Directors. “Now that the recapitalisation of BFF SA is assured, I want to be able to focus on activities directly related to my main function as mayor of the City of Fribourg,” comments Thierry Steiert who was thanked by Jacques Boschung for his valuable commitment and contribution to BFF SA’s new dynamism. In six years, bluefactory has been transformed into an innovation district that promotes bold entrepreneurial activity. The site is now home to many innovation showcases that are going to contribute to meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s society.


BFF SA’s Board of Directors is composed of eight members: Jacques Boschung (President), Olivier Curty (Vice-President, State Councillor, representative of the Canton of Fribourg), Mirjam Ballmer (Municipal Councillor, representative of the City of Fribourg), Etienne Marclay (Member), Géraldine Pflieger (Member), Hans-Rudolph Schalcher (Member), Nadir Solenghi  (Member) and Susanne Zenker (Member).

About Mirjam Ballmer

Mirjam Ballmer took her first steps in politics in Basel where she sat on the City Council as a member of the Green Party. Having graduated in geography in 2008, she joined Pro Natura, leading its nature protection policy as a project manager until 2017. In 2014, she became a member of the Basler Verkehrsbetriebe (public transport services) Board of Directors for three years. She then moved to Fribourg to become vice-president of SINEF SA and Eau de Fribourg SA. She gave up her mandate as a member of the cantonal legislature in 2021 when she was elected Municipal Councillor of the City of Fribourg and decided not to wear both hats. Today, Mirjam Ballmer heads the department responsible for children, schools and social cohesion, social welfare, and adult guardianship.

About BFF SA

Founded in 2014, BFF SA’s mission is to develop, build, operate, promote and animate the bluefactory low-carbon innovation district. The district now has more than 360 people active in about sixty entities (SMEs, start-ups, innovation promoters and university research) and upholds the principles of sustainable development as well as those of the circular economy.

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