Smart Living Lab Building

An agreement signed in 2014 between the Canton of Fribourg and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) enabled the creation of the EPFL Fribourg branch in bluefactory and, since 2015, to integrate the Swiss Innovation Park.

The Smart Living Lab building will provide workspace for the 130 members of 11 research teams from the EPFL, the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, and the University of Fribourg. This multidisciplinary living laboratory will serve as a catalyst of progress, providing fertile ground for carrying out work in real conditions. The new building should encourage rigorous investigation thanks to facilities that support a wide range of research activities. The building will be at the cutting edge of efficient resource use over its complete life cycle. Its construction comes 30 years in advance of Switzerland’s 2050 energy targets.

Start of work  2023
Commissioning 2025
SIA volume 19’974 m³
Floor surface 5,000m²
Type of construction Local wood
Cost 25 million
Project owner BFF SA
Architects Behnisch Architekten
Main contractor JPF Entreprise Générale SA
Usage Smart Living Lab research center
Specifics Living laboratory devoted to the built environment of the future
Electricity 786 m² of active photovoltaic surfaces (integrated in the envelope, roof and facades) ⋅ Total planned power: 142 kWp
Labels Minergie-A ⋅ Minergie-Eco ⋅ SNBS Gold
Estimated jobs

130 researchers:  EPFL ⋅ School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg ⋅ University of Fribourg


Geothermal probes under the building and centralised heat pump in the Grey Hall


Global site management

  • Wastewater treatment by vermicomposter
  • Recovery of treated water (fertilizer production)
  • Use of untreated water as non-potable water resource
  • Collection of rainwater with green roof

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