Mycelium Restaurant Opens 3 June

The Mycelium restaurant and café bar will open on 3 June in the bluefactory’s building B. The management mandate has been awarded to the ZFV Cooperative, which employs 2,900 in more than 200 locations in Switzerland. The new establishment completes the site’s existing catering offer.




Called Mycelium, the restaurant in building B will open its doors on June 3 to serve bluefactory tenants and the general public. It will have places for more than 80 customers inside with a further 60 on the terrace. From Monday to Friday, the restaurant’s team of five will concoct fresh, seasonal menus and varied specialties highlighting local produce. A short menu of snacks will be available from 07:00 to 16:00. This new establishment completes the bluefactory site’s existing restaurant offer to meet the needs of a varied and expanding population which currently stands at 540 employees, soon to be 700. Mycelium will initially be closed in the evening.

This opening will also be an opportunity to introduce the new 20-seat café bar located in an annex area on the ground floor of building B. A barista will be serving coffee latte art specialities using individual blends from the artisan roaster “Pouponne & Loulette”. The café bar also offers an assortment of snacks and baked delicacies. In addition to ‘eat-in’ restauration, the new facility provides a catering service throughout the bluefactory site.

To manage the Mycelium restaurant and café bar, BFF SA has chosen ZFV Cooperative, an innovative and well-established partner with an environmentally friendly offer. A leader in Switzerland with more than 200 establishments, ZFV specialises in hotels and restaurants.

About ZVF

In conjunction with partners, the ZFV Group (ZFV) creates inspiring meeting places, genuine hospitality and authentic experiences. Founded in 1894 by visionary Zurich townswomen, ZFV still attaches considerable importance to innovation and sustainability today. In more than 200 businesses across Switzerland, ZFV’s employees take care of the needs of customers and guests. Our areas of operation include restaurants, canteens, staff restaurants, hotels, mobile catering facilities, catering, bakeries and child daycare centres. ZFV actively shapes society and adopts a stance on the environment, equal opportunities and inclusion, and embodies hospitality for a world in which we all want to live.

About BFF SA

Founded in 2014, BFF SA aims to develop, build, operate, promote, and animate the bluefactory low-carbon innovation district. The site is now home to 540 people (700 with the arrival of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group this summer) working in around seventy entities (SMEs, start-ups, university research institutes, and innovation actors). It actively promotes the principles of sustainable development as well as those of the circular economy.

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