Jacques Boschung re-elected as President of BFF SA

In office since 2018, Jacques Boschung has been re-elected for a further three years as President of BFF SA.



In office since 2018, Jacques Boschung has been re-elected for a further three years as President of BFF SA. “I very much appreciate the honour of the continuing confidence of our two shareholders, the Canton and the City of Fribourg.” says Jacques Boschung. “Our innovation district is radically changing its appearance and the prospects are exciting. It is now a question of capitalising on the success of recent developments, in particular the highly effective commissioning of Building B, and accelerating our established trajectory that is boosting jobs and our economy.”

Since the construction of its first permanent building, the bluefactory innovation district has experienced remarkable growth, from 140 jobs in 2015 to 540 today. By the end of 2024, some 700 people will be working at bluefactory, strengthening an already well-established technology positioning and ecosystem. The arrival of companies such as SMG Swiss Marketplace Group (digital services platform) and Tecost SA (publisher of clinical information systems for the healthcare market) reaffirms BFF SA’s commitment to creating an environment conducive to the development of high value-added companies.

The challenge of a new building is also to be able to operate it and ensure its profitability. The strong appeal of the bluefactory district meant that Building B welcomed its first tenants last December, while it was still being finished. With the new leases, its occupancy rate now stands at more than 80%.


About Jacques Boschung

CEO of Kudelski Security, Jacques Boschung is recognised for his visionary leadership and commitment to sustainable innovation. Between 2004 and 2018, he held various senior positions at Dell EMC, including Senior Vice President for EMEA. Holder of a master’s degree in physics, he was elected President of bluefactory in June 2018. He is also Chairman of Well Gesundheit AG and a member of the Board of Directors of Swiss Medical Network.

About BFF SA

Founded in 2014, BFF SA aims to develop, build, operate, promote, and animate the bluefactory low-carbon innovation district. The site is now home to 540 people (700 with the arrival of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group this summer) working in around seventy entities (SMEs, start-ups, university research institutes, and innovation actors). It actively promotes the principles of sustainable development as well as those of the circular economy.

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