Blue Hall

In 2015, Cardinal’s storage hall was rehabilitated as a workplace. No fewer than 126 prefabricated containers made from local timber have been installed on three levels. The industrial hall’s façades have been covered with polycarbonate to bring natural light into the interior spaces and to harmonise the building exterior. Large skylights have been installed in the roof, providing additional natural light. To meet the site’s environmental criteria, the container and workshop areas are heated by an air-water heat pump, powered by 1,800 m² of photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Construction 1983
Complete renovation 2015
SIA volume 38,500m³
Floor surface  6,100m²
Type of construction Semi-transparent polycarbonate envelope
Cost 13 million
Project owner BFF SA
Architects Lutz architectes
Timber construction JPF Ducret SA
Attribution Offices ⋅ Laboratories ⋅ Workshops ⋅ Conference rooms
Specifics 126 containers made from local wood on three floors
Electricity 1,800m² of solar panels on the roof
Heating Heat pump
Labels Label Bois Suisse / Swiss wood

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