The swiss museum for electronic music instruments opens its doors


Playroom and Schaulager

Every saturday
On reservation


Blue Hour Bluefactory by STEMUTZ, 29.03.2022

Visit of SMEM – The Schaulager

Come and discover the impressive collection of synthesizers, organs and other electronic instruments of SMEM. As part of this guided tour, you will get to learn more about the collection and the museum in general.

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Playroom session

The SMEM Playroom allows visitors to come and play on some of the rare and legendary instruments of the SMEM collection.

The 4-hour sessions are the opportunity for both newbies and pros to use some rare and inaccessible instruments, learn how they work and even record the result using the sound cards provided.

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Book your Playroom session or your visit to SMEM every saturday on their Website.

For any other visit out of hours or group visit: fiona.rody@smemmusic.ch.

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